Yellow Ribbon Road Safety Alliance

Purpose and Goals: The Yellow Ribbon Road Safety Alliance aims to draw attention to road safety in NZ through yellow and yellow ribbon symbolism. Its focus is on addressing the national tragedy of lives lost and impaired by serious injury. The Alliance serves as a catalyst for enduring community changes to reduce road trauma, advocating for evidence-led education, social responsibility, and community bonding.

Principles and Values: The Alliance is committed to adhering to evidence-led and best practice road safety principles in carrying out its purpose.


  • No limit on membership numbers, and no membership or application fees are applicable:
  • The executive committee will promptly consider applications and at its sole discretion, may accept or reject applications without being required to give reasons;
  • Members must comply with the Alliance Code of Conduct, promoting integrity, honesty, and professional courtesy.

Executive Committee:

  • The Alliance will be managed by an executive committee consisting of representatives from Road Safety Education Limited (RSE NZ) and Brake, (The Road Safety Charity);
  • The executive committee is responsible for day-to-day operations, including planning and administering, for example, the Road Safety Hero Award;
  • The committee meets to plan activities for National Road Safety week
  • The executive committee must not allow the Alliance to enter legal or financial obligations.

Secretariat and use of the Yellow Ribbon:

  • RSE NZ is appointed as the Secretariat, responsible for administration, and communications must be conducted solely through the Secretariat.
  • RSE NZ provides the Alliance with royalty-free use of the Yellow Ribbon, which carries road markings.

Cost of Running – No Fundraising:

  • The Alliance operates without income or expenditure and does not undertake fundraising. The executive committee reviews the annual cost of running the Alliance, and, if necessary, the Secretariat bears the running costs defrayed through the sale of Yellow Ribbon pins and other initiatives.

The Charter is established by RSENZ and further details are available on enquiry to the Secretariat.