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Do you want to show that your small business is a Road Safety Champion?

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Are you interested in showcasing your small business as a Road Safety Champion? If so, consider becoming a small business supporter of the Yellow Ribbon Alliance.

Your business will not only be recognized for its commitment to road safety advocacy but will also contribute to the Yellow Ribbon Alliance’s efforts to enhance road safety for all users. Your support will further our advocacy on behalf of victims of road trauma and their families.

As a supporter, you’ll receive valuable information on current road safety research and issues, enabling you to actively participate in our campaigns. Additionally, your business will enjoy $200 worth of free Yellow Ribbon Alliance merchandise, with any additional items available at special prices. We provide guidance on road safety matters, and if you require a road safety keynote speaker or assistance with presentations, you’ll receive priority access and a 40% discount on our rates (please note that travel and accommodation expenses will be invoiced separately).

Upon receipt of your payment, we will promptly send your Small Business Supporter papers and Certificate via New Zealand Post.

In appreciation of your support, we will feature your Business Logo on our National Road Safety Week for the current financial year.

Join us today to demonstrate your public road safety leadership and enjoy the benefits of being a part of the Yellow Ribbon Alliance!